I feel like writing about something that is decadent and naughty for my campaign because the thing that I'm going to write about is what makes me happy.  For me, and this is a personal preference, lingerie makes life better.  Lingerie is not something that I wear for a partner or to hold things up/in, I wear lingerie for myself.

I'm not talking about cotton bras and panties, while those are comfortable and practical, they do not make me feel awesome.  I spent most of my money in college on lacy and sparkly things from Victoria's Secret.  The things that I bought made me feel like I was beautiful  The point of fancy, pretty lingerie is to make the wearer feel powerful and sexy.

While I started with VS and I still shop there, I have graduated to 2 different companies:  Soma and Agent Provocateur.  Soma is a bit more mature, but has both beautiful and practical lingerie.  The first thing I ever bought from them was a see-through silk Japanese style robe, which is sexy yet comfortable.   They can be a bit more expensive than VS, but they tend to last longer.  Then I found Agent Provocateur.

I was discussing my love of lingerie with a friend, then they told me about their favorite store, AP.  I was intrigued.   Now this lingerie is top of the line really expensive, but amazing forms of lingerie.  They have full ranges from bras, thongs and panties to corsets and pasties.  When I was in London, I went to a store with its decadent windows and spent 3 hours and an undisclosed amount of money on some of the sexiest and most beautiful lingerie I have ever got.  I have to say that the sales girl there, named Mia, made me feel like I was incredibly amazing.  They showed me a great amount of personal attention as well as a great amount of time in doing fittings.  Not to mention offering me a cup of tea since the heat wasn't working. We talked about the danger of trying on clothes with big boobs.  My size in their line is a 36 E. I left that store feeling powerful and will probably be a life long customer.

I don't wear my ridiculous lingerie for anyone but myself.  That is the purpose of lingerie, to make the wearer, myself, feel sexy, powerful and beautiful.  I can tell you that I prefer corsets, but anything will do.  My incredible lingerie makes my life better.

Below are my next two, one from Soma and one from AP.


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