I Have So Triumphed

This week has been a bit insane so far.  The person who caused the incident has left my job, while I felt bad for her, I felt relieved at the same time.  I feel like I don't have to tip toe at my job anymore.  This was all coming off a great weekend where people wanted to help with Pile of Good Things. 

I mean I was shocked that it happened, but in a way, it was kind of expected because there were huge mistakes that were being made.  Today, my feet are killing me because of all the extra hours that I have been working.  I'm not sure if my supervisor now will be promoted and I'll apply for a supervisory position or if that will not happen.

Right now, I'm happy that things are looking up and that I'm doing something more than surviving.  I suppose that I am striving.  I finally got him back in a limited capacity, which is more than I could have expected.  I have no stopped smiling all this weekend and I hope that it can continue.

My body is not agreeing with me as it's almost 7 pm and I just want to go to sleep for the next week.  I have talked it over with my therapist and it's probably my thyroid. I saw my endocrinologist, which he agreed with me on the exhaustion.  I'm getting a blood test next week to see if my medication needs to be adjusted, which it probably needs to be.

I haven't been able to exercise as much because of the exhaustion so my weight has ballooned again.  All I really want is for my mind and body to have a truce.  It hasn't had one for quite sometime.  I may just need to find a low impact exercise or just limit my exercise to 30 minutes followed by strength exercises.  I'd appreciate any thoughts.

Basically, things are starting to look up finally.  I got my one more miracle.  Onwards and upwards.


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