You Don't Need to Say It

Today something amazing happened.  Something that I never ever expected.  It was something that I never really realized that I even understood.   However it was something that I needed to see, to hear and to understand.

I have been working on Pile of Good Things recently because I really want to get it started.  It's a needed service, which will have many customers it seems.  I decided to write a synopsis of what I would be doing for the nonprofit, which you can see here:

“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things.   The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.” (Vincent and the Doctor, Doctor Who).  This is where we got our name and the basis of our philosophy:  Everyone should add to a pile of good things.

                What Pile of Good Things will do is educate employers on the signs and preventions of mental illness through classes that will be offered through us.  We will do this through PowerPoint, brochures and seminars aimed at Human Resources, Managers and Supervisors.  The idea behind this is to reduce productivity loss from the side effects of depression, anxiety, learning difficulties and bipolar disorder.  While we do not advocate for employers to become counselors, we wish them to be cognizant in order to create a positive working environment for all including those that suffer from mental health conditions.

                We will also assist employees who suffer from mental health conditions with what to disclose to their employers, what considerations they need and where to turn to if they feel they have been discriminated against.  This will be achieved through e-mail communication, a confidential phone line and information on our website. 

Campaigns for awareness and support will also be planned throughout the year.  The highlights include bullying prevention in the workplace and Good Things Month, which is an employee appreciation campaign.

This is a basis of what Pile of Good Things will be about.  There is a huge stigma in the United States in regards to mental health conditions, which affects the work place for most Americans.  We believe that through education and communication the stigma of mental illness will end.  That is the purpose of Pile of Good Things, for employers to add to their employees’ pile of good things.  Life is a pile of good things and bad things, while everyone should try to add to the pile of good things. 

 He wanted to help me with it, so I sent it to him to look at,  I edited it with a bit his help.  It's still not perfect as you can see, but it's a start.  While we were chatting after that where he pointed out that I should always focus on the positive in order for it to reach a wider audience, I told him he was fantastic, which I believe, he is.  He actually said thank you.  Instead of saying that he was just human or something along those lines, he said thank you.  I told him once that one day he would say thank you when I said something about his character.  He finally did.  I know it's stupid and silly, but he still cares.  I don't think he ever stopped.  I forgot or never realized that men show you.  They don't tell you how they feel, but they display it all the time.  That made today fantastic. 
He never needed to say it.  I was too dense to realize it.  He just showed me everything I needed to know.  That just made me happy.


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