Frustrated Again

I know that there is bullshit at any job.  Work politics and fear of change are the main two reasons for many's frustrations.  My frustration is over a sales tactic that is high in cost and low in return.  Yet we always go back to it hoping it will change.  That is the definition of insanity.  I'm the one with a mental illness, so I can spot crazy.  Mailings are crazy.

If you are a nonprofit seeking donations, then a mailing is appropriate for past donors.  Other places only do a marketing campaign with mailings because it get about a 1% return for business.  That's a lot of money in postage.  When it's for an intangible service, I believe that it's even harder.

I tried something more innovative with rewards and self-motivation, but that got almost no support from the managers.  Well, it was supported, but there was very little follow-up and maintenance,  It's also very difficult with rotating staff.

I think my company's business plan is very poor and will fail without major innovation.  Something has got to change.  I have learned a lot about how to not run an effective business.  I am still in the process of research for Pile of Good Things.  I have 2 programs that I want to run, but still have to file the paperwork.  That is my goal for the next 6 months is to find people to help me with that like a lawyer.

Now, if only I can repair that damage that was caused last year.  I am trying so hard to care.  Maybe I just need a night of beer and pizza.


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