Good Things Day 10 and 11

I didn't really do anything for the tenth day because I received some disappointing news that I was expecting.  I will not be put forward for promotion because of a warning, which was completely my mistake, but that's what happens from early signs of burnout.

I was open with my disappointment, which I guess made people share their bad days.  Let's just say that day 10 was a bad day all around.  I did go to services later that night and sang.  I do enjoy singing, but sometimes get stage fright singing on my own.  A lot of people complimented my voice.

On Day 11, I got a call that the director of the drum corps that I was in as a child was celebrating her 40th anniversary with the corps.  It was meant to be a surprise.  I walked in and totally didn't blow the surprise.  I saw a few people that I hadn't seen in years.  I can't believe that some of us have children and gray hair. 

The most important thing is that we made the director happy by showing up and giving our support. 

I am running out of things to do, but I'm sure that opportunities will present themselves.


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