Good Things Day 8 and 9

On day 8, I bought lunch for my dad.  I go to lunch almost every week with my dad at a little diner, which has good food for inexpensive prices.  Since I don't make so much money, my dad usually subsidizes my half.  Once I gave him a half dollar cause that's all the cash I had on me.  That is one of his favorite stories to tell.  I decided to treat him to lunch since he always pays for mine.

Today was day 9.  I am suffering from exhaustion again.  I also have a headache from it as well as still feeling the hole that is in me.  I already did his stuff for this campaign so it's time to work on other things.  Today, I talked to my friend Sue. I hope I focused most of the conversation on  her.  I know that she is stressed out from a lot of things and I'm not helping matters.  So, I just tried to be a friend and listen today.

Still have no idea what else to do, but we'll take it as it comes.


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