Good Things Final Days

It is February, so I have completed my Good Things Campaign.  It was my most successful campaign, so it will be refitted and transferred over to Pile of Good Things.

I spent a day taking care of myself.  I sent a few gifts to a friend and went to a service to hear my dad sing.  On the final day, I sent him his Doctor, Tom Baker.  I didn't put in a note, just the doctor.

I'm now working on packing up my things and looking for an apartment.  There will be more things to donate, so spreading good will be happening for a long time to come.  It does feel good to help others and pare down my belongings.

This campaign has also taught me the need to take care of myself before I can take care of others.  I have to remind myself to take time off for me.  I will continue to work on my wellness plan, my nonprofit and rebuilding all the things that I lost. 

The best gift I have given was the Doctor because the Doctor found me.


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