Left Brain Vs. Right Brain


I have always been intrigued by the matter of the left brain vs. the right brain. Some say that it is just a myth. However, a certified psychologist, herself, told me that it is a proven scientific fact.
I believe that I am a perfect balance of the left-brain and the right-brain. I do not know whether this seriously counts, but I took a quiz, which determined that I was a perfect balance. Someone that was an expert in psychology also told me that I am a perfect balance. I am left-brained in the sense of being logical, analytical (sometimes even overanalyzing), and having an affinity for mathematics. I am right-brained in the sense of being creative, having a larger-than-life imagination, having a deep-rooted passion for the arts, being full of feelings, and daydreaming all the time.

If there is anything that I would be more, it would be right-brained. I am more artistic than scientific. I majored in English Literature and minored in Theatre Arts. There was no question of majoring in a practical or scientific major, which never appealed to me. I love reading, creative writing, music, theatre, and dance. And I am full of feeling from the heart. I am daydreaming all the time; 95% of the time in the real world & 5% of the time in the real world! My dissertation is on fairies and fairy tales. My friend, Carly & I have that in common, being wrapped in a fantasy world. I remember Carly telling a friend of her's that was hanging out with us to join us in having a fantasy world! However, unlike Carly, I think that being in my own world intimates people or draws them away from me.
I would like to implement the accurate side of my brain for the right situations. I am fairly successful in doing so. During sticky emotional situations, I hide my feelings and try to behave logically and do the right thing. There was one time when someone else was getting what I wanted, but I kept my feelings to myself since no wrong was done by him/her and tried to encourage him/her on the outside while cursing him/her on the inside. However, sometimes in acting and singing, it is hard for me to get out of head since I am so focused on doing a good job. One musical theatre teacher gave me the feedback that I come across as very intellectual, but I need to be in touch with my emotions. I was in touch with my emotions, but I was just too concerned with doing a good job. I hope in the future that I can loosen up more and just follow my heart in art.
I had written in another blog about how in this blog, I think that I mostly write from the left brain since I do not want to expose my secrets and intimate feelings to the world. It is in my personal diary that I am able to use my right brain. However, I would like to express the right brain in the diary more from now on since it is a critical part of who I am.

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