My house is officially sold.  They closed on it today, so it's gone.  I'm glad that I don't have to be around my horrible neighbors because they were ignorant and uneducated.  I cannot abide ignorance.  While most ignorance can be cured by education, theirs never will because they are also irrational.  However, I had some good memories in that house and I will miss my old bedroom. 

I like my new apartment even though it is still covered in boxes and I can't find anything.  I have a schedule of things that I have to get done because I need to get things done.  I need to live in a clean place.  I do have a lot of things, but I love them.  I love my tea cups, wedgwood, and Doctor Who figures.  I'm going to get rid of extra things that I do not need like some clothes, kitchen utensils and extra lamps.  I don't have the storage space here that I did in my house.

I'm glad that I did get some white violets from the house for myself.  That was one of my favorite things about the house.   I loved the yard.  I grew up there and there are still buried dinosaurs in the yard.  I had lots of parties in that house.  It wasn't always well kept, but it's where I grew up.


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