Moving In Day 3

It was a nice day today.  Warm and bright with all the time in the world.  Since my dad was off, I had use of the van, which means we moved a lot of stuff and probably sweated off 5 pounds.  Yay stairs.

We loaded up the car with some small furniture, some clothes and some boxes.  I think I have way too much stuff for the kitchen.  I really don't have much in terms of furniture, but since my parents are leaving the country in a few months, I inherit a lot of their things.  Not to mention they come with a lot of stuff too.  I have emptied a few boxes and I can tell you that I do not need 5 colanders.  I don't even eat that much pasta.  I will slowly have to go through everything and sell some stuff.

The problem with moving is deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.  No, I'm not getting rid of my fantastic shoes or handbags.  Do I need them all?  No, but I enjoy them and use them.  A lot of things just got put into boxes as we were showing the house and then it was about deciding later.  I will continue to pare things down as I unpack this week.

I cleaned out the fridge today and put some food in.  The fridge was pretty clean.  Nowhere near as bad as the rest of the kitchen, which I probably need to wipe down again.  Tomorrow is cleaning the bathrooms and wiping down the closets.

This evening was difficult because it really was about packing up the last bits.  I am working on what I'm taking over tomorrow and what the movers will take over on Friday.  It's really happening.  I can't believe it's now.  I thought I would have more time. 

Tomorrow is going to be very long and very busy.  It makes me sad.

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