Moving In Day 4

Today was the final cleaning day as well as moving in more of my stuff.  Yes, I still have a lot of things.  I pared down a lot of my collections, but I will still need a bookshelf of some kind.  I got rid of all mine. 

I was kind of dysphoric today when I got up because it is the last day in the house that I grew up in.  I did plant my white violets in a pot, but I've never really been anywhere else except for college, which is different.  This has always been my home base.  I went out with a friend for coffee and paid bills, which got me in the mood to pack the last of my stuff.

I cleaned the bathrooms today.  They were not as gross as the kitchen, but they weren't exactly pretty either.  The bathrooms are very small compared to the ones I have now.  I'm glad that I have a bath tub, but may have to hose it down again before I actually use it.  I know that it was cleaned or at least appeared to be before we moved it.  Then again, men cleaned it and they are looking at the big picture. 

I think I sweat more today than I did yesterday.  I'm going to lose some weight with the amount of steep stairs in my place.  Going up and down with all that stuff was definitely a work out.  Putting all the boxes in the rooms where they are supposed to go made me realize that I have so much stuff.  I will probably be getting rid of things as I go through them.  I really don't need 2 pizza stones.  I'll keep one because I am poor and flour is cheaper than frozen pizza. 

Tomorrow is the day the movers are going to come and take the furniture away.  I will still have a few things left in the house, which I will get sometime on Saturday.  I ran out of suitcases for clothes.  I do have a ridiculous lingerie collection, which took up one whole bag.  I just have my closet left to pack.  Just the clothes in it.  Then it's the new place all the way.

I won't have Internet till Saturday, so Day 5 and 6 will be posted together and there will hopefully be pictures.  It's a nice place and have to figure out new places to eat.  Hopefully everyone will be able to visit soon. 

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