Slip up.

Today I got very overwhelmed  and ended up slipping up.  I am in pain because of a sinus headache and my legs are hurting.  I think that I got overloaded from the move and the fact that I had a difference in my drawer, which I eventually found.  I just can't handle anything today.
I wish I had more time to spend actually seeing people, my friends.  They are either physically far away or are distant.  Not all, but many are.  I know it's difficult to have a friend like me, who is depressed and struggling.  I need the distractions and the companionship, even if it is from afar.  I'm having a hard time communicating how I'm feeling at work.  I put on the brave face and look fine.  I'm not fine, however.  I haven't been all week.

I set up a meeting with my therapist for tomorrow and it's not our normal time to meet.  I know how to cope better by now, but I just couldn't today.  I'm mad at myself and disappointed.


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