A Day at the Races

Yesterday, I went to Dover, DE to see a NASCAR Sprint Cup race.  I went because my dad wanted to go to a race before he moved out of the country.  It was a lot of fun to actually be at a race.  It's easier to see it on TV and a lot less noisy, but there is something about being a sporting event, which is more memorable.

We got up super early to meet my dad's friend who was driving us.  I am not a morning person at all.  If I could, I'd sleep till 11 and work from noon to 8 pm.  I slept in the car though.  We drove down in a sports car and had that top down for part of the time.  I think I got windburn from my hair hitting my face.  It was about a 4 hour drive down there. 

It was a very fun day.  We did some shopping, eating and cheering for the drivers.  My dad got me a Dale Jr. visor and sparkly lanyard.  I bought him some beer and part of dinner.  He was trying to make it so I didn't spend all my money.  I also took a picture with my dad in front of the Jr. merchandise truck. 

The race was very loud and very exciting.  I didn't bring ear plugs nor did I want to buy any while I was there.  My hearing has fully recovered.  There were 2 red flags for debris and my dad's most hated driver wrecked.  That driver is very arrogant, so I can't say that I feel bad about it.

I had a corn dog for lunch, which made me happy.  I love corn dogs and I don't have them too often because I'm trying to cut down on meat.  It was just a day to go off my diet and celebrate.  My dad is most likely working on Father's Day, so this was like Father's Day for us.

I'm glad that I went to a race with my dad.  I think this will be the only one that we get to go to because he is moving in September.  Also the tickets were a bit expensive, but it was worth it.  Even the ridiculous amount of sunburn that I got.

I got some good pictures because I was by the start finish line.  It was really cool to see the flags and be so close to the cars.  I was in row 37, but I could see everything.  It was a great experience and something that I will never forget.

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