The One Up Game

I've found sometimes that there are a lot of misconceptions about depression and anxiety.  I think it's worse when you are talking to someone else who also is depressed because the one up game comes into play.  That game is when you try to comfort someone by saying that their life is great and that the depression will pass because your life is so much worse.

Depression can affect anyone for no reason at all.  It's like cancer in that way because anyone can get it.  Some people are more prone to it, but it creeps up on you.  However it's more than being sad or having a temporary problem.  It is a medical condition and at times can be very serious especially if it is not treated.

Everyone has problems and it's not that one person's life is worse than anyone else's.  Pain is pain and we just get better at managing it.  I don't think mine will ever go away completely.  Yes, today was hard because he didn't even look at me.  He joked with everyone else, but never acknowledged me.  I used to be some one's friend.  Through no fault of my own, I lost that friend.  The world never really understood me and part of that is because the general population doesn't understand depression.

Don't play the one up game with someone who is depressed because it doesn't help them.  Basically just sit with them, listen and tell them that they don't suck because that is the illness making them believe that they are worthless.  We all need to feel better.


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