Cramped Spaces and Stress

In the ongoing effort to clean/organize/unpack my apartment, we bought two shelving units and a bluray player.  The bluray was a luxury, but the truth is that I would ever be able to afford it because I will be broke forever.  I will probably have to get a second part time job, but I really only want to work 2 days a week.  Hopefully, the shelving units will alleviate some of the pressure.

My mother says we're all being mean to her.  I think we're all just stressed because we brought way too much stuff into the apartment and we are not even remotely done unpacking the boxes or furnishing the place.  While my place is a decent sized place for the rent, with the amount of stuff and 3 people, it can feel cramped.

Yes, I was freaking out the other day because we have so much crap everywhere and I have no idea where half my stuff is.  Today, I found my Givenchy lipstick in a bag.  I still can't find my salt and pepper shakers and somehow I have 4 irons.  I will repeat that.  I have 4 irons.  I will be getting rid of at least 1 of them because I have a petite iron for hems and seams.  It's way too much stuff for an apartment.  However, both bedrooms are larger than my tiny bedroom at the old house. 

I am still not sleeping well.  It's getting better, but I still wake up at 5 am.  I'm taking Monday off to rest because I need to.  My job is a bit stressful, but summer is coming and it will be less hectic.  I need to figure out why my sleep is so bad.  I will try to get another pillow to test out and see if that makes any difference.  The decreased sleep is affecting me big time now.  Also some bugs have gotten in and they wake me up.  Stupid bugs. 

When I'm tired, I'm clumsy and forgetful.  I leave my keys and spill things.  I spilt hot chocolate on myself today, which burned my legs.  I also know that the stress brought on from lack of sleep is making my hair gross.  I also feet huge from the weight gain and since I'm still working on unpacking, I haven't had enough time to work out.

My mom is sulking in her room because she doesn't understand that it's still cramped and stressful trying to set a place up.  She also said that we didn't get her a milkshake because we weren't thinking about her.  The truth is, we would not have enough room to bring the shelving home because we have so much crap for a tag sale we are having on Saturday.  It's not that we're being mean, we are all just tired and have so much left to do.

I wish it was easier to set things up and that we were minimalists, but that has never been true.  I mean I have a ridiculous amount of movies and TV series that I watch.  It will take a few more weeks at least to get rid of all the boxes, which contains the dust from the old house, which we are allergic to.  Eventually things will settle down and it will be calmer.

For now though, I think I will try to relax and rest a bit.  My feet and brain are not happy at all.


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