What I Learned

I decided to write a few things that I have learned from my experience at my former company, which was more than slightly awful.  I was working on something else, but this is probably more therapeutic.

I have learned that even if they say they like you, they might be looking to take you down.  I think that when I started I was coming off a bad situation and my self esteem was really low.  The fact that they said I was well liked I internalized it to mean that I could trust them.  That was my mistake.

I have also learned that women can be horrible to other women.  I have never had a problem with a male as a boss or a coworker.  I'm not sure if this is due to the fact that I am not typically female or that I admire men more.  This might be due to my life long fascination and adoration for Freddie Mercury.  It's not because I'm flirty, I think it's because I'm more direct and honest.  This tends to threaten other women.

I have learned that work is another stage.  I am a great actor and have to remember that it's a show.  I'll be another great pretender.  I just have to be upbeat and positive.  I was told once I was a thermometer, which means I am a reflection of the mood of the office.  I am working on trying to bring up the energy in an office when it drags.  I believe in rewards and compliments.  I also believe in honesty and due process.

I have learned that I need people that are on my level.  There is a vast difference between someone with a high school education and a person like me with an MA.  That doesn't mean that I don't have friends who are all MAs, but in a work environment it can make a big difference.  I have been taught to analyze things and solve problems on an advanced level.  I would like to work with people who are at least some what educated.  That way we can have a conversation that is not personal.  Maybe we can discuss Game of Thrones or something.

I have also learned how not to run a company.  Procedures should be standardized throughout a company.  It also helps with communication and performance reviews.

I am fantastic and I will find something.

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