Feeling Fine

I would like to say looking good and feeling fine, but I have to work on the looking good part.  A thirty pound weight gain from severe stress from the worst job ever.  I am finally going to get back to exercising and eating right.

The eating right part should be easier now that my dad is going to be on a low sodium, low sugar diet to bring down his blood pressure and the cholesterol.  I know that I should work on lowering my cholesterol too.  I am going to start cooking for myself with the time that I have now.

Something is setting off my allergies, but not sure if it's a cold or if my body is destressing from the last year.  I've been learning so much about how awful the company I used to work for was.  I was under investigation for about a year.  I guess standing up for myself against a great evil got me canned in the end.  I found this out from a trusted friend because her coworker was told by my supervisor not to talk to me because I was under investigation.

Depression is a serious medical condition that can interfere with daily life.  Just because I have an illness doesn't mean that I will turn into a violent psychopath and kill people.  I sometimes talk tough so that people won't see how broken I am.  I also couldn't move past my anger at the job for triggering this depression and the loss of a friend.  However, once I was fired, I wasn't angry anymore.  I just pitied all of them for their narrow-mindedness and ignorance.

The fact that the put me under suspension because they thought I would have a violent reaction is insulting.  It's the ones that aren't diagnosed and are not under medical supervision are the ones that I am worried about.  Any professional in the psychiatric industry must report if a patient is a threat to themselves or others.  The patient would be hospitalized and the person who the threat was made against would be informed for their protection.  No direct threat was ever made.  My therapist never saw me as a danger.  Once I was fired, I was free.

What they did was wrong and most likely illegal and that is a road that I will investigate.  However, once that is all done and I'm in a different job, I will rise above them.  I will become a brilliant lawyer and make more money than most of them.  Also, that place will never get a dime of my cash to hold onto. 

I believe that I can be great and that I can help people.  Mostly, I'm feeling fine.


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