Looking at the Positives

I was officially let go from my job.  I'm really happy about it though because I was holding onto an anger that I couldn't move past.  The only real negatives were the loss of income and insurance.  I got a lot more good things from this than bad things.

I felt free and happy.  I no longer have to see people who lie to my face while stabbing me in the back.  I no longer have to go to NF, which is the place I grew up, but never really belonged.  I got back on track in terms of what I want to do for a career:  I want to become an Employment and Labor law lawyer with a concentration on mental illness.

I was underemployed and underpaid.  I was the subject of a witch hunt the second I stood up for myself and complained about management misconduct.  They waited a year, so that I couldn't claim retaliation.  I will file an EEOC complaint.  It may not go anywhere, but their misconduct needs to be reported. 

I will be able to do some amazing things without working in an repressive ultraconservative environment.  I will always put on the show just like Freddie used to.  I will hopefully find a job where I am useful and can help people in a powerful way. 

I will miss him, but he made his choice.  I could say he chose his poison because that's what my former company was, pure poison.  Everyone I know and cared about will probably be gone from that place very soon.  I pity those that stay.

Now, I can get healthy.  There are some obstacles ahead and a change in priorities.  I will have to find a job and will probably have to apply for benefits under the affordable care act.  I will have to do something with my student loans.  I have the time to get all these tasks done.

I'm looking forward to the future and will work like hell to get myself healthy.  I am going to work on the nonprofit.  My former company was terrible.  Their behavior will not be acceptable one day.  Hopefully, I can bring that out.


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