Almost Finished

I have been working on my apartment to turn it more into a home.  I have been putting up pictures and some of my artwork.  I am almost finished with it, which is great because I start working on Tuesday.  The centerpiece of my living room will be father's seascape.   The framing done by Michael's was absolutely perfect.

It is my apartment and I love it.  I am leaving the second bedroom relatively blank for right now because I will be moving into the Master bedroom when my parents move out in September.  I have everything in a pile on the floor at the moment.  I still have to find a place for the heirloom mirror.

Some of my fans are missing.  I am going to work on my closet to figure out where they might be.  There is only so much  space in the apartment, though it is fairy large for the rent that I pay.  I am hoping to find them soon because one of the fans is from London.

I start working at CVS on Tuesday.  I am so happy to have a job that can potentially help people.  Healthcare is a field that will never go away.  I know that I may move away from Connecticut one day, but I'm not quite sure where I would like to go.  I know that every place in the world needs pharmacists because illness is not iradicated from the planet.

My apartment is finally feeling like home and it will be a bit difficult when my parents move.  I hope to get a roommate eventually so that I won't be alone in my beautiful apartment.  I know that I still have too many things, but I pared down on a lot.  I got some of my porcelain dolls on display from when I was younger.  One of them broke, but I have some amazing ones on display.  There will be no end to dusting.

I know that when my parents move out, I will be able to wear some of my awesome lingerie.  It's even better now that I have lost some of the weight.  I am working on getting down there.  It might be better when I have no money for meat.  I am going to work on exercise as well.

I'm still hoping that my hair will grow back since my nails are doing better.  My hair has always been hard since I first got sick with Hashimoto's.  I am hoping that now that the stress of a terrible job is over, then I can get healthier now.

My apartment is almost finished and I can move on with my life. 

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