As fashion is a passion of mine, I always planned to write a blog entry on fashion at some point. And yesterday after reading a ModCloth interview with the Model of the Month about how she decided to change her focus and studies to fashion retail, my interest was sparked. Since then I have been looking up the fashion topic online and pondering. Fashion, as one would presume, is a HOT topic! There are so many blogs dedicated to fashion. I do not know whether I could focus a whole blog on fashion or one topic for that matter, as I have so many interests. I just love the term, "Fashionista!"

I get lost in a different world when I explore fashion. I LOVE GLAMOUR! I do have to admit that there have been times when I have wished to be a fashion model. My favorite fashion supermodels are Claudia Schiffer, Rebecca Romijn, and Tyra Banks. I think that they are beautiful and have the perfect height and measurements!
I also idealize being tall, thin, and black-haired as a model so I really like the pin-up model, Bettie Page and the fictional character, Katy Keene.
That comes to my next topic of pin-up modelling. I guess that I like pin-up modelling, since the female figure is iconized. However, I have boundaries for revealing clothes. In addition to Bettie Page, I like the pin-up models, Bernie Dexter and Marilyn Monroe.
I will now provide some background information on fashion, as I try to do in all of my blog entries. There are a wide range of styles, from preppy to trendy to grungy to bohemian to punk to gothic, to name just a few.
Sex and the City can serve as a guidebook on fashion.
Carrie is very fashion-forward and is the trademark for trendy. 

Charlotte has a classic, preppy style, being old-fashioned and has been celebrated as the modern-day Audrey Hepburn.

My choice of clothes drifted along the course of the years. I have, for the most part, been attracted to the preppy, classic style and sometimes the trendy style. When I was in college, I wished to wear fancy clothes and classic Indian style clothes. Now I wear two main styles: classic--like in fairy tale--and colorful and offbeat--like in the circus. These styles represent the two main facets of myself--the sweet, shy, innocent, romantic girl and the ebullient, effervescent, eccentric, passionate free spirit. Think Audrey Hepburn for the classic style and Katy Perry or Lady Gaga for the circus style. Quite a contrast, I know!
For the classic, girly style, I like to wear vintage, lace, frills, ruffles, silk, and bows and clothing that flatters the hourglass figure, such as peplum. Hence, ModCloth, which has a lot of the above, especially vintage, is one of my favorite shops!
Here is a lace crop top that I love!
I have this ruffle lace top in several colors. Ruffle lace is a combination of the two classic, girly items!
I also love my peekaboo bow peplum top, a combination of my different loves. When I wear it, I become like Charlotte, who is an icon for peekaboo clothing and wears peplum clothing to compliment her figure. I particularly bought the top for the bows.
As an old-fashioned girl that believes in fairy tales and follows the classic style, I love Lolita fashion, a Japanese style based on the Victorian era. As written in an earlier blog entry, my friend told me that the objective of Lolita fashion is to dress like a sweet, innocent girl to attract a sexual fetish, like the title character in Lolita. However, I follow the style because I find it beautiful, not to attract a fetish. I particularly like the subgroups, Classic Lolita and Sweet Lolita. I especially like Sweet Lolita, which is very girly, beautiful, and adorable. Sweet Lolita has pastel-colored frilly dresses and usually with a bow in the hair and usually an accessory like a doll or a lollipop. I would love to carry a doll everywhere I go, and I think that the lollipop is a sweet completion of an outfit. I buy from the brand, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, which is based on Alice in Wonderland. For my Victorian-themed birthday, I dressed up Sweet Lolita style in a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress, which had Alice on it and wore a bow in my hair.
I would also like to get into the magical brand, Fairy Lolita. However, I need to learn more about Fairy Kei first.
I discovered the online store, Pin-Up Girl Clothing when Modcloth posted a photo on Facebook of one of their beautiful, magical skirts--the Neverland skirt! I knew I had to buy both the skirt and dress in Neverland print! I personally like the skirt better and think it would go beautifully with my bow top.
I guess that I also follow a style in-between the classic and circus styles. I like to buy dresses of prints of items that I like, such as cupcakes and ice cream. The Greek brand, Cruel Candy was so nice to custom-make these dresses of cupcakes and French pastries just for me! I also built a friendship with Cruel Candy over the dresses.
I also have several ice cream dresses. The red ice cream dress by Bernie Dexter has a nice 1950's retro feel and makes me feel like I am back in the 1950's, when ice cream sodas were a common activity.
That brings me to the topic of the fashion line of Bernie Dexter. I really like Bernie Dexter's products. I am considering buying the two pink and blue dresses in poodle and Eiffel tower print as I love poodles. I like the belt, which cinches the hourglass figure in both dresses and the bra in the pink dress.
I am also considering buying this adorable dress by Bernie Dexter, which features the activity of sewing. It is awesome that the model is posing with scissors, which is a part of the dress. And I love how one reviewer on ModCloth said that it has a Sex and the City feel to it!
My favorite designer brand is BCBG, a preppy brand. I own a few of their products, but wish that I could own more. Unfortunately, money is a barrier.
One of my all-time favorite brands is Candie's, which I think is a trendy, girly, flirty brand. I love the sweet name, Candie's, and it always seems to design just what I dreamed of! For example, I always wanted buckle stiletto boots, which I got from Candie's. And I am so in love with the beautiful kaleidoscopic bikini, which I purchased from Candie's two years ago!
I am also very attracted to the brand, Dollhouse, which my friend, Michelle told me is trendy. I am partly attracted to Dollhouse since I love the name, being so fond of dollhouses! I have a gold purse and a silver purse from Dollhouse and a white peacoat and a black peacoat. In the past, I had a nice greyish, silver long-sleeved top.
Now I will move onto the topic of circus style clothing. I think that circus clothing is bright, colorful, and off-beat, something not allowed in the class style.
I am still trying to develop my circus wardrobe. I have a Cirque du Soleil dress by Desigual, a good brand for circus style clothing.
It would be my dream to buy the Manish Arora circus carousel dress listed above, which Katy Perry wore. It has two elements that I try to incorporate into my life, the circus and the carousel.
I also wear a lot of galaxy clothing, which would fall into the circus category. At the Magic Fountain in Barcelona, I wore a colorful silk top and galaxy leggings to coordinate with the Magic Fountain.
I would also like to wear more of the Bohemian style to represent my free spirited personality.
Last summer I worked on a project in conjunction with a group that researched and wrote about fashion retail. At times, I wished that I could also do work for the fashion retail group.
From writing this blog entry, I realized that I do not know as much about fashion as I would like. However, I would like to keep learning more so I could write more.

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