Figured It Out

So I figured out what was going on with me at work.  It's a two fold problem.  The first part is when we are short staffed, things tend to spiral into suckage.  The second is that one of the pharmacists deals with stress badly, so it causes some tensions that I haven't figured out how to navigate yet.  It only took a few weeks.

I also asked to scale my hours back a few hours a week in order to have some more time to adjust to my new life.  I hate using my disability accommodation unless I have to since it was such a nightmare at the bank to convince them that I had a disability.  I did talk to the pharmacy manager and she likes me, so hopefully I'll have my hours scaled back a bit.  Not permanently I hope, but just for a few weeks.

I hope that I will be successful at this job because when it works with people it's wonderful.  I like helping people.  Even referring people to what they need is a fantastic feeling.  I learn things everyday and I hope that I continue to learn things that could help the public especially on the issues of mental health. 

I just have to figure out how to navigate some of my moods at work and then I should be able to not be as nervous.  Even though I had a terrible week last week that was full of slip ups, I am beginning to be hopeful again that I might be able to have a career, friends and a life.


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