My New Path

Throughout my life, I have aimed for the absolute highest in everything, no matter the possibility of my reaching the top. I have a long list of goals and dreams. I have developed the motto, "Anything is possible! Nothing is impossible!" That is a good motto--if it is used in the right way.
One would think that through this motto, I have been able to achieve a lot of success in everything that I pursued. Actually, unfortunately, instead of achieving success when I have pursued the ultimate, I have just found disappointment when I have not gotten what I wanted. I believe it is because although I hold a lot of key ingredients to success, there also some critical ingredients lacking in me. I also believe that I should modify my philosophy.
I have the ingredients of ambition, inspiration, intelligence, and determination. As you can see, I am very ambitious in aiming for the absolute highest. I am also inspired that it is possible to reach the highest. I have the intelligence to determine the correct path to reach my goals. And I am determined in never giving up no matter what results I receive.
However, I lack motivation, confidence, hard work (being naturally lazy), and maybe also interest. I wonder whether I am really interested in the field that I am pursuing or just in reaching the top in it. My teachers and professors have given me the feedback that I am more interested in grades than in learning. Additionally, even though I aim for the highest and am inspired that it is possible, I do not have the motivation to put in the effort. I have realized that it is possibly because deep down, I am not confident that the goal is possible. I really need to work on my confidence. I have already made a lot of improvement in the years.
So from now onwards, I hope to just follow my interest for the field and let everything else fall into place. I hope from following my interest, I will be able to strengthen my motivation and confidence. When I follow my interest, it will not seem like hard work, but fun.
I have also decided to adjust my goals. I would like to tone down my need to achieve the highest in everything and let go of my attachment for the highest. I would like to focus on my interests and take everything step-by-step, instead of being attached to achieving the highest. I would also like to maintain a sense of practicality and reality so that I am aware of the optimal approach to making my dreams a reality.
I will now look at what I have been trained in and am good at and make it a priority to follow that professionally, while continuing my other interests on the side. Hopefully, with that, everything will fall into place. Who knows? I may even be able to excel in those fields along the way.
I have decided to make use of my graduate degree in English Literature, as that is what I have been trained in. I will try to attain whatever job I will get from it.
Ever since I got my master's degree in English, my very kind and generous parents supported me for all of my dreams, many of which have varied across the years. I have had jobs on and off. Even when I have not had a job, my parents have supported me completely, including financially. They may not have agreed with all that I have wanted to pursue, but being kind parents, they have continued to support me. They are really the kindest and most generous parents in the world! However, I think that it is time that I stood on my own feet and started acting more grown-up and independent. Maybe once I start to take responsibility for myself in getting a job, I will feel a sense of self-worth and independence, which will motivate me to achieve my other dreams.
I have considered a great deal of career options and even posted on Facebook for advice on which career path to follow. With a graduate degree in English Literature, there is a lot of scope for me. I had pursued graduate studies in English Literature thinking that I would pursue a job in academia. However, jobs in academia are really hard to come by so I need myself open to many options. It would still be my ultimate goal to get a professorship in English Literature. That is a good fit for me, as I love analyzing the complexities of literature. The other jobs that I am considering are editing or production in the publishing industry, copywriting in the business, fashion, or health industry, public relations, and web design. I would love to work in the publishing industry as I love books and am a fanatic about the different editions of books. I always want to purchase a book in just the right edition. I love for books to be hardcover, glossy, and illustrated. I also really appreciate it when the books are annotated, with a good introduction and critical essays. My appreciation for the design of books makes me suitable for a job in production. My degree in English and editing and writing skills makes me suitable for a job in editing. My friend, Cynthia told me that publishing is just the job that she sees me in. I am also considering a job as a copywriter. I believe that I have the writing skills for a copywriting job although I need to season my experience. I started considering a job in public relations after a job interviewer told me that there is a lot of writing in the public relations field. I am also good at publicity. Additionally, after I enjoyed designing my Myspace profile, my Mom told me that I should consider a job in web design.
Since I was little, one of my dreams has been to be a writer. My Mom told me that she found a poster of mine from first grade, which said that when I grow up, I want to be a writer. I did not know that I was that young when I developed that goal! Ever since I can remember, my goal has been to write classical literature in the forms of poetry, prose, and drama. I was very flattered when my uncle, Vikraman Velliachan told me that I am best suited for a career in writing classical literature. I love how my beloved friend, Kait told me after reading my blog that I should become a writer! My friend, Cynthia also said that she could see me writing Young Adult fiction. I just found out yesterday while researching Young Adult fiction on Wikipedia that there is a new genre called New Adult fiction, aimed at an audience of readers from the age of 18-30.
I also have other dreams, which are secret so I cannot list them here. I repeat, my new philosophy is to follow my heart and let everything fall into place, instead of just chasing the highest. My resolution is to live life replete with commitment and devoid of attachment.

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