Fashion Models

It has been a wild dream of mine to be a fashion model. I am trying to figure out why I want to be a fashion model. I think that what I am attracted to is the glamour.
I really admire supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, Rebecca Romijn, and Tyra Banks. Not only are they beautiful and glamorous, but they are very classy (especially Tyra Banks). They are all very tall and able to maintain very slender figures. So they always look very good in all of their modelling shoots and photos. Their bikini photos are flawless! My Mom also told me that models are always well-turned out, that if I want to be a model, I should always keep my nails manicured.

Fashion models quite often have hourglass or willowy figures. I can spend hours glancing at photos of the celebrities' different figures and never get bored! I love both the hourglass and the willowy figure and aspire to have both, if that is at all possible. Maybe I can be a willowy hourglass. When I was at my thinnest, I had a willowy figure. I notice that I have curves, which is a good start for the hourglass figure.
It is extremely hard to make it in the modelling business. To be a runway model, you have to be 5'8-5'11, and extremely slender, with the appropriate measurements. I think that the modelling industry has irrational standards in asking for the model to be excessively tall and underweight. The word, "model" is defined as an example to set for others. So the industry should set standards that are healthy and within reach. In my opinion, the model should be from average to tall height, which is the ideal height for a girl, instead of excessively tall. In many cases, when the girl is too tall, it takes away from her attractiveness. Also, the model should be the ideal weight for his/her height, instead of underweight. Being underweight and unhealthy is a very bad example to set. It is an even worse example to set when the model suffers from an eating disorder. I also think that people who have had plastic surgery should not be models. For, then they are sending the world the message that you have to combat nature, instead of accepting yourself the way that you naturally are. I think that they would be better off just trying their hand at modelling without plastic surgery.
I think that the criterion for models should be normal, happy, healthy, down-to-earth beings, rather than those that are excessively tall and unhealthily thin and have undergone plastic surgery to get to where they are now.
I am trying to figure out what it is that attracts me to pursue a modelling career. I think that I wanted to be a model before since I thought that it would prove that I am the ultimate beauty. Now I see that one does not have to be a model to prove that. I had earlier put modelling on my list of careers that I would aspire for. Now I am wondering whether I was just attracted to being a model since it is extremely hard to make it in the business, another of my epiphanies from my last post. I had posted a Yahoo! question about whether I should pursue modelling as a career, in addition to other careers. I had received the answer, "If you are not scouted as a model by the time that you are 15, chances are you will not make it." In a way, I was relieved after reading the answer since it kind of took a burden off my chest. I know that I am not interested in modelling as much as I am in writing, or my other passions and dreams. So I do not know whether it would be worth it for me to put in so much energy for something that I do not have that strong a desire for.
A few months ago, I had the goal to pursue modelling after two years of attaining my ideal figure. I have gained a lot of weight in the past two years and wanted to reduce to 105 lbs in the next two years. Now I have freed myself of the burden of putting in so much energy for modelling. I would definitely like to lose weight and tone my body for my own sake, but not for the sake of modelling. I think that I will discard 105 lb's as my target weight. I aim to reach a healthy, slender weight and have a willowy hourglass figure. Maybe I will still model for fun when my other priorities are taken care of.; when I have reached my goals in beauty, personality, and character. But I really do not want to stress over it in any way.
I really like the philosophy of ModCloth that it celebrates true individuals in its own models (just what I outlined above), and it would be my dream to model for a store that offers such beautiful, classic clothing, that I love! The criterion for a ModCloth model is the best. It is that the model should be:
  • *    Friendly, approachable, and enthusiastic
  • *    Naturally fit in frame and figure
  • *    Instinctively style savvy and creatively cute
  • *    Energetic and easygoing
  • *    Confident and comfortable in front of a camera
  • *    A fan of ModCloth's aesthetic
  • The ModCloth motto implements beauty in personality and soul, not in outward appearance. I love the ModCloth interviews with the Models of the Month. Pinup Girl Clothing, another online store that I love, also has an outside-the-box approach and accepts models of all shapes and sizes.

    I am still trying to figure out whether I should be a model. I do know that if I become a model, it will be to supplement my other careers. I really hope that I will also become a model in character and appearance, in addition to being a fashion model, if I ever get any modelling opportunity.

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