For the last few days I have been questioning my decision to transfer.  I like the company that I work for, but the pharmacy is hard, exhausting work.  The store I work at now is very small, cramped and has not natural light.  I know that my depression has spiked a bit and the location change might be part of the reason.

I was also on the production bench by myself for the first time on Saturday and I was drowning.  It's a lot of multi-tasking, which is difficult for a normal functioning brain, it's almost impossible for mine now.  Since I'm not 100% confident on production or the location of any medications it is quite easy to get overwhelmed.

Maybe being a pharmacy technician is too much for me to handle at this time.  I felt like I was doing well in Ridgefield in the front store because I knew what I was doing.  I have retail experience and retail is not too difficult anyway.  I felt good helping people find what they needed and providing good service.  The pharmacy is difficult because it's understaffed and very busy.  I know it's a good place to train, but it can be very overwhelming.

I will give it another week to see if anything improves because I've only been there for 10 shifts.  I am improving because I am able to get into the computer system, look things up and print out labels.  I just can't do them all simultaneously.  I don't know if I'm better off at a slower pace until I really get things down.

I do want to go back to Ridgefield because it's where I was hired from.  Maybe I should have asked for a supervisor position.  I just don't know what to do.

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