The Cost of Depression

There is a huge cost to depression.  I'm not talking solely about money, but the cash price for depression is steep.  For treatment and medications it can cost thousands of dollars a year to maintain the treatment for the illness.  However, the is a huge social cost for having a mental illness that isn't talked about either.

Since there is very little education on mental illness, it is seen as a personality weakness instead of medical conditions.  This can interfere with jobs, families and friendships.  It's not easy to support someone with a mental illness, but it detrimental to abandon them.  I lost 4 people while going through my severe depression and one of them was him.  Part of the reason is because they were dealing with illnesses of their own. 

Depression itself can be isolating.  The illness tells the sufferer that no one likes them.  They may try to reach out just to get some support.  My suggestion is not to get caught up in the gloom from the person suffering.  Don't tell them the opposite of how they are feeling.  An example of this would be to tell the person that they are pretty even though they said that they aren't.  It's their illness making them feel like crap because it distorts the reality.  Instead ask them why they are feeling this way.  Even better would be to get them out of where they are.

Even being in a crowded place can help alleviate depression for just a little bit.  It is painful that people left when I was going through one of the worst times in my life, but it reflects badly on them not on me.  Yes, I lost my job because of my depression, but that was their discrimination and my poor judgement.  The bank needs to get into the 21st century, which they may get to in another two decades.  Now, I am in a better job.  Not necessarily better paying, but  better atmosphere.

The social cost of depression, to me, is quite high.  If we just show some compassion, then maybe the world could be a bit better place.  That's why I work with More Love Letters.  Even a little message of love can make someone better.  We all have battles that we hide, but something small can have a big impact.

I have a lot of work to do to get to a healthy place, but it's a journey I'm willing to take.  I hope you all will still be there to support me.

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