So far I have just written about topics that are agreeable to me as I want to maintain beauty and positivity on this blog. However, something reminded me of this heated, unpalatable topic some days ago so I decided that I would blog about it for the purpose of catharsis and educating the public about the parasites that are bullies. 
Throughout my childhood, I was bullied for no reason. Being very sensitive and not naturally self-confident, it had always impacted my life and hindered me from happiness and peace. Now that I have grown up, I have somewhat realized that other people do not have the power to hold me from my happiness and that I should just block them out and focus on the positive. However, I do have some moments of response to these past memories.
In elementary school, I was the target of several bullies, both male and female who went out of their way to try to make my life miserable. There was one delinquent boy whom everyone hated and avoided like the plague. It was really our misfortune that he was in our class, and we had to bear the brunt of his delinquency. I really wish that he had been kicked out of the school and put into a school for problem boys so that he would be helped and, more importantly, not be such a menace to our classroom and disruption to our peace. If I was a parent of one of the students, I would have ensured that he would have been taken out of the school and not rested until the authorities took the measures. As one rotten apple, he sure spoiled the whole batch! He and others under his gang made my life miserable to the extent that I switched schools for middle school. My friend later told me that she had come to know this delinquent at some point and that he had parents that were drug dealers. I know that since he was brought up to be screwed up and twisted and still a child and not able to judge for himself the right behavior to implement, his upbringing would be held accountable for his actions. However, since his behavior really impacted me, I still condemn his behavior and think that he should have been removed from a school for normal children of healthy upbringings for his own good and for the good of the children. He did not belong in such an environment with people at such impressionable, tender ages.
In middle school during sixth grade, I had to bear the brunt of being loyal and not taking the lead for bullying. I was first accepted into the inner circle. However, this girl who turned out to be a bully and the leader of the class told me to ditch these two outcast girls. I was unwavering in my decision to stand by them. What did I get in return? Bullying for the whole year! I was shocked when the two outcast girls joined in with the rest of them to bully me! They were actually accepted into the group once they joined in to bully me. I really cannot stand the injustice in the world. However, I have come to realize that none of those girls were worth it to be friends with for what they did to me and I was saved from a burden of falseness, disloyalty, and superficiality if I had been their friend.
In boarding school in eighth grade, once again I was bullied by this gang of good-for-nothing boys who had no lives and did poorly in school. This boy, who was the leader, was a failure in academic performance, ended up doing something very shameful and vulgar, and everyone laughed at him so he really was in no position to make fun of me. He would stalk me every day by staring at me, laughing, and passing comments. He really had no business making fun of me since I did him no wrong! I saw him pay for his behavior later when his matron found out about all he did to me and beat him up in front of me and he was crying. I have to admit that at that moment, I felt sorry for him since the matron was brutal.
Then there were these other two delinquent boys in this school that I went to that were the parasites of our class. They were always there to pass rude, immature, crass comments to everyone, try to start fights with everyone, and instigate fights between people. They thought that they were popular, but everyone actually hated them for being like that, as several people voiced out loud. They were the most hated people in our class! They blamed their behavior on a supposedly tough life at home. However, that was no excuse for them since they had reached an age where they could understand the difference between right and wrong. And it is really irrational and immature to take out what someone has done to you on someone else! There was one time when one of them was being interviewed for something and when he saw that the interviewer was a girl that he made fun of, he was afraid that would be held against him. His interview actually ended up being successful. I really, really, really wish that that girl had held his behavior towards her against him and he had gotten rejected so that he had been punished for what he did and he had learned that there were consequences to his actions, instead of just thinking that it was right to keep on being a menace to society! It was so creepy the way that one of the guys stalked me by drawing a picture of me, the way that a three year-old would, and showing it to others. And the other guy stalked me by looking up my name on the Internet. TALK ABOUT STALKING!!!
It had been very hard for me to deal with bullying throughout school. If I tried to ignore the bullies, people would accuse me of being a doormat, which I hate. If I tried to defend myself, people would accuse me of being mean. I really think that people should work on ridding the world of the bullies, just as they do with all parasites. I think that everyone should stand up against those parasites and put them in their places in whatever way they can. If they just let the bullies slide thinking that they will eventually learn their lesson from someone, but that person should and would not be them, then imagine what the world would be like if the whole world thought that way. The bullies would never be punished for their actions and keep on bullying and possibly move on to victims that are helpless and have no means to defend themselves. So it is best to speak your mind against bullies for the good of the bullies, their potential future victims, and last but not least, you! 
It is very sad that there are bullying victims that have committed suicide. Children are very sensitive and impressionable and cannot understand that suicide is not the correct solution to bullying. I never even once contemplated suicide over bullying. Even though bullying was unpalatable to me, I was never devastated since I never cared for the bullies. It is only when someone I cared about hurt me that I would be devastated. 
I really think that bullies should all get therapy since they either have their own problems, which they are taking out on innocent people or they lack empathy--the beginning of sociopaths. 
I am really very glad that bullying is now officially declared a crime and is being enforced even in the most primary classes. I really wish that it was a crime when I was in school and that the people that bullied me went to jail. I think that I will do some volunteer work to help with bullying problems, as a former bullying victim. 


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