Introversion Vs. Extraversion

Throughout my childhood, I was painfully shy, and it has impacted my life. So I thought that I would dedicate a blog entry to this topic. I am soft and shy on the outside and emotional and passionate on the inside. Since I was naturally shy from the beginning, I now embrace my shy side and want to always maintain it. 
I have been the same throughout my life, very shy until you get to know me. My classmates always thought of me as shy and the girl that never talked, but my family thought of me as active and feisty. I remember my brother laughing when I said that I am quiet. I go from Little Miss Shy to Little Miss Chatterbox in my interactions. Once you get to know me, I will not shut up! That is because I am an expressive person by nature. I do not repress my feelings and thoughts.
In my childhood, I had a very hard time making friends being so painfully shy. I can count the number of friends I had in school on one hand. So it was very hard for me in school. I missed out on a lot of fun, like birthday parties, get-togethers, and proms. I kind of regret that in a sense. However, in the end, everything worked out the way it should. 
In my adulthood, I have been good at making friends with just the people that I like. With these friends, I have been very expressive and chatty. I do not think that they could see me as being shy. Corresponding to the introvert, I prefer to keep a select group of close friends--that I am chatty and expressive with. 
I have learned that being shy and outgoing are different from being introverted and extroverted. Introversion consists of being focused on one's own mental or inner life and preferring solitary activities or activities with a small, select group of individuals. Extroversion consists of looking for harmony outside one's self. Extroverts enjoy being around people and in social situations. Ambiversion is the intermediary between extroversion and introversion. Shyness concerns being self-conscious, with a result in mind. As a perfectionist, I am very focused on the result and thus shy. People tell me that I am very self-conscious interacting with people--that is with people other than my friends. 
I have qualities of both introversion and extroversion in my horoscope chart. My chart says that I am very sensitive, but very public with my sensitivity and that my feelings can never truly be concealed. I have an interesting mix of sun in Leo, signaling extroversion and expression and moon in Cancer, signaling introversion and sensitivity.
It is interesting to evaluate that shy people are often gifted with creativity. I think that is because they are often sensitive or suppress their feelings in real life, but express those feelings in art. Shy people often make good writers as well as actors. I have always been drawn to both fields. As you can see through this blog, I enjoy writing and blogging. It has been said that introverted people make good bloggers. People also tell me that I am more comfortable on stage than in daily interactions. 
I also have a side of me that likes to be the center of attention and wants to be the star, as my friend, Carly rightfully says. I am working to express that in my acting persona. 
I also have a desire for soulful intimate bonding with select individuals. It was very interesting the way that a friend of mine told me that he found that it is usually introverted people that frequently think of soulmates.
I would like to end by stating that I would like to embrace all my shyness, introversion, expressiveness, and need to be the center of attention for the sake of my real life and artistic persona. 

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