What Depression Isn't

I just had someone tell me that I had no right to complain about what the bank did to me because triggering depression was not physical pain that cost money in medical bills.  This person said depression was a choice.  Let me tell you what depression is not.

Depression is not a choice.  It's a medical condition that can have several contributing factors.  In my case, it's Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  Under the new DSM V, my diagnosis is major depression brought on by Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  What that means is that my depression is unpredictable and recurring.  My depression does not exist inside a vacuum.

Depression is not just a reaction.  Something causes it.  There are triggers, one of mine is loneliness.  Part of me getting better is trying to spend time with other people.  That's probably why I go shopping so much.  At least I get to talk to a salesperson.  It's a social interaction and it therefore counts. 

Depression isn't easy.  It's a struggle and it's more acute than the average person's struggle.  There is something missing in our lives.  Medication can only manage a certain portion of the illness.  The rest is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and relationships.  I'm not saying that it isn't a challenge to support a friend with depression, but it's the kindest thing you can do.  It can take the person out of their own hell.

Depression is not weakness.  Depression is caused by a change in the body's chemistry.  It can happen to anyone, at anytime, for almost no reason.  Yes, something can trigger it, but long after the event is over the effects are still present.

If you are not educated in something, you have no right to speak on it.

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