I'm working on rediscovering things that I enjoy.  Cooking and baking definitely helps.  I am learning how to make things that I never thought I would be able to make.  I want to start making bread again because that was my favorite thing to do.  I will hopefully start that in January after I use up the bread from the freezer. 

I do make mistakes while cooking, which is part of learning.  This morning I put way too much pepper in my eggs.  I know that my dad would have loved it.  I am also terrible at cooking beef.  I guess if I want beef, I'll have to get it when I go out.  I am much better at baking.

The thing that I have to decrease is shopping.  Now that I have finished the holiday shopping, I am going to lay low since the only thing I need a veggie peeler.  I'm still working on getting rid of things that I don't need/use.  I am also going to join a gym and that might be my expense.

I'm also working on my nonprofit again and some other projects.  I definitely enjoy helping people, which is what PoGT is about.  I'm working on riff tracks with a couple of friends that we can post online.  The first movie we are working on is Manhunter.  It's the only Hannibal movie without Anthony Hopkins.  It's a great film, but so 80s that it's easy to make fun of. 

I'm doing something that will hopefully reduce my depression and make me a better person.

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