Finding Balance

One of the amazing benefits that my job provides is wellness rewards in association with Web MD.  I can talk to a health coach and keep track of things like my mood and my weight.  I'm looking forward to find a balance in my life.  Part of that balance is treating myself well.  At the bank I felt like crap all the time because the atmosphere was oppressive.  At the pharmacy, I feel like I will get backed up and receive the help and training.  Also, I get much better benefits.

I know that I eat way too much sugar.  I love chocolate and it is helping to relieve symptoms from my the fibroid I have.  Since I have a deductible with my health insurance, I'm trying not to to hit it all at once.  The good thing is that my company contributes $250 every quarter so at least it's helping to not totally bankrupt me.

I'm trying to remanage my finances, but that might take a few months to get back on track since my car needed some heft repairs this past week.  The worst part is that I am picking up more shifts to help pay for this mess.  My poor knees are going to kill me.

I'm hoping to join a gym because I have been making time on my trail to get there and work out.  I've been doing some of the weight machines as well as the stationary bike.  Exercising really helps to improve my mood too.  Today is helped stretch out my knees.  Maybe I will be able to lose a few pounds to take the pressure my lower body.  Being this overweight is causing some difficulties, but I am working on healing myself.

The most difficult part for me still is socialization.  I feel decent at work because I'm around people.  At my apartment I am by myself, so I have the TV on with movies and/or tv shows so that way there is noise.  On days that I don't go out, I sometimes don't talk at all.  It's difficult for some of my friends because they have kids or a significant other, etc.  I have none of that.  Right now, it's just me and I'm doing the best I can.  I just miss having someone to talk to, to share my life with, even if it is only talking.

I'm working on the balancing act, but it's not quite there yet.

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