Some Days


Occasionally, there are those perfect days.  Not because anything particularly special happened or that you met the person you're going to marry.  Days like this can be regular, boring, doing errands days.  That's what today was for me.  I think the major exception to it was that I spent time with people that knew me.

It started by running an errand at the bank by doing an international wire transfer to my parents.  That was an easy and pleasant experience at BoA.  I then went to see my APRN, got a good report because I am doing well even if I am struggling a bit.  I got some new scripts too, which are basically just refills.  However, I felt amazing that I can talk to someone as an equal.

I felt good as I did some light grocery shopping afterwards, where I got a large skirt steak on sale.  I love Aldi's for that reason because every once in a while, there are things there that are amazing and rather inexpensive.  I can't wait to look up recipes on how to cook it.  I enjoy learning how to cook.  I feel accomplished when I get it right.

I want to make delicious semi good things for myself. I'm trying to get better, which means eating better, exercising and trying to get enough sleep.   Coming back from such an awful thing like the whole ordeal at the bank is tough, but I intend to do so.  It might get a bit squiffy in the middle, but they will just be a small little footnote in my story.  I smile about that quite often.

Since I was feeling good, I was able to clean my apartment a bit because my partner and future roommate was coming over to hang out.  He's like me in a way.  He's lonely, suffers from depression, but is an amazing person underneath all the damage.  I made vegetarian tacos for us because he is a vegetarian.  I obviously still eat meat, but I love the soy crumbles so much.  I can't tell that it isn't meat.  Also tacos are the only thing that I can make without needing the recipe anymore.  The best part is that he enjoyed it.  I have no leftovers.  We tried to watch Peter Pan Live, but were way too horrified.  So we went back to SVU.  We also came up with a crash course of all the things we need to get done while working an average of a 44 hour week so that he can move in.  Thank goodness that I got that huge collapsible duffel bag last week.

The day ended with a cup of tea.  It was a completely ordinary perfect day.  The day where nothing bad happens.  The day everybody lives.  I have only had 2 other days like this.  One was with Rose and the other was because I found suede trousers that fit.  Sometimes, very seldom, there are perfect days.

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