There is a huge misconception about medications.  Yes, they can cause side effects, but they do not erase the problems.  The problems and emotions are still they, but they become bearable.  I've been on medication for almost 3 weeks.

The first week I took them they caused extreme nausea.  I mean the second day the nausea was so bad that I had a migraine.  I barely ate because of the nausea, but I noticed that I didn't spiral out of control.  I didn't go all the way up on anxiety nor did I go all the way down on depression.  It's more just like a stabilizing agent.  It also dulls my cravings for cutting.

A lot of people think that if I'm still sad that my medication dosage should be upped.  Now, I do need to take a vitamin that breaks down folic acid because I am missing an enzyme that means that I don't make all the neurotransmitters that I need to make me happy like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.  I haven't gotten the vitamin yet because it's prescription based and really expensive.  Medication is not the sole thing that will make a person a happy, functional person.

Medication is one part of the puzzle to creating a person who is able to cope with life.  Life is never going to be easy or good 100% of the time, but falling apart isn't the answer either.  Medication should be used with therapy and a holistic wellness plan.  Scheduling, exercise and working on getting better will get you to the place that you want to be.

There are times that I want to give up because I am frustrated with the slow progress, but I don't because I know that maybe next time will make me join the 27 club.  I take the medication and do the plan everyday.

I hate what has happened to me, but I have hope.  My mantra is "One more miracle."   That's what I'm doing more miracle

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