Mini attacks

Since I have a dual diagnosis of anxiety and depression, the symptoms can be difficult to pinpoint.  The worst thing to experience is a mini panic attack.  The things that I experience are chest pain and headaches because my meds as they don't allow me to have a full blown anxiety attack. 

I worked the entire day and these schedules have one of us off part of the morning.  The mornings that I have will be fine as I have a tough time in the morning, but being alone for the first hour and half is causing my anxiety to sky rocket because all the pressure is on me.  It is just ....

I have enough stress going on in my life that I don't need more.  I'm trying so hard to just get through but it's not happening.  I may need to talk to someone tonight to just work out my feelings because they just build up inside.

I just don't know anymore.  The psychology pain and the stress are causing physical problems.

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