The list

On the wellness plan post, I mentioned continuing a list of short term goals.  I started this with him as he heard of it during a sales training and what I do is modify it.  The original list had things on there that were long term goals as well as life goals.  When everything happened, I ripped up that list and then redid it because the original list had things on it that were silly and no longer valid.

When I rewrote the list there were short term goals as well as things for the wellness plan.  I decided to make a formal wellness plan and then do the list of short term goals.  These are things that I work on that can be accomplished in 6 months or less.  The current list expires in August.  If I don't accomplish the things on this list, then I will roll them over to the next 6 months. 

It is important to have goals that are achievable in short term because with depression we need things to look forward to that don't take a long time to accomplish.  The reason is that I am not that patient and when results don't happen I get frustrated and give up.  I'm surprised that I haven't cut in 73 days because I feel like I should be better and functioning.  That just brings on frustration because my self-esteem is still low.

The list of short term goals is a good idea because it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I complete one.  I had 16 original ones on the new list.  I have completed 5 of them as they were easily accomplished.  There are a few that are taking longer than expected because part of it is recouping my finances that spiraled out of control because of my depression.  So one of them is paying off my credit card and another is building up my savings so that I can move out.  The other monetary part is cutting spending.  Part of this is stop buying junk food.

Another one I hope to accomplish this week of cleaning out my closet.  This serves two purposes: first is to change my clothes from fall/winter to spring/summer.  I may have Jen help me so that I can sort through the clothes and get rid of the ones that I don't wear/that are too big.  There are also things in my closet that I don't use or that I will never wear.  They should be gotten rid of too.

The final part of the list are things that are going to take time or have to be scheduled to accomplish.  This includes working on my novel, rebuilding my relationships and using up my excess bath and body products.  These are the serious and mundane parts of the list, but again once I cross something off, there is a sense of accomplishment that will build up my confidence.

I think that having short term goals help while one is recovering because it builds that self esteem and keeps one focused.  This has helped me because even with the longer term ones, I start seeing progress.  Like I said I have already accomplished 5 things on the list.  If I don't accomplish these goals as my financial ones are taking longer than I had estimated, then I can put them onto the next 6 months.  The point is that I have goals and I am working towards them.

Along with my wellness plan, I think these goals will help me get to the better place.  The place that I want to be.  The place where I am truly me.

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