The little things

I think we are all obsessed with grand gestures because those are the things that make us feel appreciated and know that we are loved.  I think it's the little things that matter especially when recovering.  He told me once that is was the little things that mattered and it is true.  You don't need to get someone an amazing present to let them know that you care for them because a single rose can say more.

Yes, I received a rose today because I told a friend that they make me happy and she got me one.  It was a red rose, which is my favorite.  It still makes me feel warm that someone thought enough to get me something so little that makes my day better.  I actually started to smile and feel like the real me again.

I started to get my charisma back last night as I met some new people and finally started to network.  I felt like an adult instead of a lost little girl.  I can still charm people even though I am a little weird.  I may have a little bit of hope that I will get better.  Realizing this is a little thing that fills my heart with joy.

Even something as simple as telling someone that you're proud of them for all the work that they have done is such a smile inducer and that can bring a person a small amount of happiness in a sea of darkness. Yes, it was my therapist that said it, but it still counts. It really is the little things that count more than the grand gestures.

Though I do miss him terribly, once I heal I may see how he is because the little amount of hope means that things might be able to be fixed and that we might have a healthy relationship.  That just may need to be handled with a piece of chocolate.

As I am big into movies I will end with a quote from the Hobbit on this theme because we know that if Gandalf says it, it must be true.

"Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay... small acts of kindness and love."

Remember the little things because they are what counts.  :) 

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