The power of friends

There is always one thing that I am always grateful for and that is my friends.  The ones that stand by me when I'm monstrous and will be there for me when I need it.  I really do have some fantastic supportive friends.

After the terrible day of yesterday, one of my friends went out with me to the cheesecake factory, which I had never been to.  The food was delicious and the conversation divine, but what I really wanted to talk about was the unexpected...a journal.

I am having a 90 day party and Ashley cannot make it due to a prior commitment, but at dinner she presented me with this amazing journal and I was so touched.  It's a wellness journal which has tabs like personal goals, diet, exercise and inspirations.  It is something that I will definitely use and I was so amazed and inspired by her thoughtfulness and friendship.

My friends are a fantastic, honest group of people and I am lucky to have them.

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