It is said that forgiveness is more of a choice than a feeling.  It's a decision that you come to after you realize that you still care for a person.  Being forgiven is out of one's control though.  I want to be forgiven because I have already forgiven everyone.

I think forgiveness is done slowly, I mean it took me about 2 years to forgive Geof and then another year for us to start talking again thanks to his wife, Bela.  I am really stubborn and that is why it takes me so long to forgive a slight.  I am also equally stubborn and won't let go of the person in my heart.  I still care for him even if he won't answer me.  I know that it will never be like it was, but I forgive him his faults.

I have not forgiven myself for what has happened as I think that that will come later.  I will write about the incident another time.  I have accepted what happened and am trying to get myself back together.  The healing may take years, but I am making good progress.

The key to forgiveness is acceptance and hope.

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