Healing the Mind

This is the longest, most arduous part of getting better, healing the mind.  I'm not referring to the brain as an organ because the chemical imbalance is part of physical healing, at least to me.  The mind or emotional healing takes the hardest work and the most dedication.

Mental pain is not something that anyone can see.  When someone breaks a bone and wears a cast many ask what happened and wish the injured to feel better.  Those of us that suffer from a mental disorder cannot wear a bandage around our heads or hearts that says "depressed," "bipolar," "OCD," "anxious," "schizophrenic," or......  We mostly suffer and heal in silence because of the fear of the stigma that we will be called crazy.  The truth is that most of us who suffer do not seek treatment because of the believe that we can control it or because of the fear of what others will think of us.

President Obama held a conference on mental health in Washington DC recently.  He spoke about how mental health is important and shouldn't be swept under the carpet.  There have been astonishing statistics that came out along with the conference.  The most startling for me is that suicide is now the #1 cause of death among 15 to 49 year olds.  That is a terrible thing because these events can easily be prevented with the right help from professionals and loved ones.  

The healing of the mental anguish takes time above all.  We can't heal alone and that is why I am grateful to my friends that still treat me as I am normal human being.  After a particularly bad day, I texted my friend, Ashley and we went out to dinner.  Just spending time with her and talking was assisting in the healing process. 

The healing of the mind is a constant process that includes changing one's thinking.  My mind is still a mess, but I am persevering.  Asking someone if they are ok, can change the outlook of the day.  Healing of the mind takes internal and external forces.  It's not easy, but we all have the power to accept and provide help.  Let's bring the suicide rate down.  Let's urge people to seek treatment.  Let's start the healing of the mind.

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