I am going to be slightly boring and write on the supplements that help ease the symptoms of depression.  I have to say that they are super helpful, but first I want to describe what depression feels like.  I will then describe what comes back.  That way it won't be a yawn fest.

Depression strikes very gradually.  First you just start not being able to feel joy and then the laughter kind of stops.  After that happiness is sucked out of you.  Following that there is only anger and sadness.  Eventually those are stripped away too until this only nothingness.  The only respite from this soul crushing blackness is sleep and even then it's not restful.  As time goes on, life doesn't seem worth living.

I should have gotten help earlier, but I kept thinking that it would go away or that I could handle it.  I really couldn't, which is the sad truth.  Getting help takes courage and is the first step in the right direction because there are professionals out there that can guide you to a better place. A place of hope and happiness, but that takes time.

One of the things that is helping put me in the right direction are vitamin supplements.  Let's face facts, none of us get everything we need from our diets anymore as we eat crap as a whole. I started taking a multi-vitamin years ago and I still take one.  The next step was taking a prescription vitamin called Deplin, which replaces the part of folic acid that I can't break down.  The final thing that I started taking in Fish Oil.  This has the omega-3 fatty acids that help regulate mood too.  Since I am a mature adult, I take the fish oil in gummy form.

As part of getting better, the supplements as essential because my emotions are starting to come back and stabilize.  I am actually feeling good for the first time in a long time.  I can't quite get happiness, but I am hopeful that I will get there.

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