We all seem to be dependent on social media in a way.  I even started a Facebook page for this blog in an effort to get more readers because I feel that this is important to me. You can like it here.  I hope that more people visit the page and enjoy what I write there.  I'll be putting announcements about upcoming campaigns (one is in November and the other in March) and I may have a contest or two.  Now that I went off on a tangent, I'll get back on topic.

We get offended, hurt and wounded when we are blocked or unfriended.  I know I cried when he left because my only outlet to him was Facebook.  Social media is another way to hurt one another.  There is cyber-bullying, arguments, blocking and all other ways to make someone feel bad online.  Why am I ranting here?  Someone else has left.  I am getting better.  Why?  Why leave now?  This is a way for me to just hate people.

I wish I just had one good week.  I have, so far, gotten a few good days in a row, but not a whole 7 days. People leaving is due to a lack of communication. Why do we so fail at actual communication?  Being in therapy, I realized that the reason that we lose that we fail at relationships is because we do not know how to truly communicate.  It's frustrating!  We are told to put on a mask and hide our feelings in public, but because we are almost faceless on the internet, we can be cruel.

Maybe this is just my illness talking.  I'm not sure why people just walk away.  Maybe I'm just different because I'm empathic.  If I give someone my friendship/love/care/whatever you want to call it, you have it forever.  We may drift apart, you may walk away, but it's still there and it cuts me to the bone.  You need me, I'll come running back to help you.  Most people leave again after that.  Maybe it's because I don't want anyone to suffer like I do.

It feels like I am still losing.


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