This is a topic that I've been contemplating for a while.  Humans can be monsters.  They do terrible things to one another and justify these hurts. People can be monsters on large or small scales, but that doesn't really excuse the things that happen.   I'll tell you a bit about what happened to me to make me come to this conclusion.

I haven't really talked about the incident in detail on here, which was the thing that triggered the major depression.  What happened in summation is that my bosses got HR involved because they thought that I was getting preferential treatment from him.  Really?  How can you get preferential treatment from a trainer?  I would never have to participate in role play?  My bosses never talked to me.  They never asked me to clarify what I allegedly said.  I know everyone hates role play, but I would still do it.

I felt betrayed because it was a simple communication problem that HR did not need to be involved in.  His reaction was what hurt the most because he left.  My bosses' justification for this betrayal of trust was preferential treatment.  I believe that if I was asked, then it wouldn't have blown up into this huge deal that left me abandoned and wounded.  The motivation?  Jealousy maybe or the guise of trying to bring in professionalism.  I don't really know, but I know what happened to me.  Were their actions good?  Not really and I was the one that suffered.

They became the villains, the monsters of my story.  It was because of this that I decided to start my non-profit because if they saw the signs of my depression, then maybe, they would have done something proactive instead of reactive.  I belief that jobs are still full of bullies and people that just add to the pile of bad things.  It is a civic responsibility to add to the pile of good things.  We can make a better world and not add to the justification of being monsters.

I am healing, but it takes time.  I have made peace with him and maybe something good will come back. I had one person apologize.  I stood up to another and the third got her share of karma.  Let's add to the kindness so that we have fun and grow.  No one should ever have to go through what I went through, but I know that it happens to people everyday all over the country.  Human beings can be monsters and live with their deeds through justifications for the carnage.


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