So Close

Through dark and light
I fight to be so close
Shadows and lies mask you from me

Those are lyrics from the theme song from the show, Broadchurch, starring David Tennant as a detective who is working to solve the murder of a young boy in a small seaside town.  I have been listening to this song and just thinking of ways that that song can be interpreted.

In the show, it represents that fact that everyone has secrets and lies to protect them.  Everyone has their shadows that they try to hide behind.  Depression is a shadow that masks the sufferer in its darkness.   Depression lies and tells you that it will care for you because it makes you believe that you are alone.  We fight the dark to be close to something.

Also losing a friend or a lover is the terrible thing that fills all with doubt.  The person is masked from you again and it's a horrible feeling.  Humans as a whole are cloaked in mystery.  Does anyone truly know another?  I don't think anyone knows someone completely and Broadchurch proves that in such a real gut-wrenching way.  We all try to appear normal while we are guarding secrets, sometimes monstrous ones.

I know that people want to have someone to be close with.  Even with that closeness there are secrets.  He once told me that he never reveals everything about himself to anyone in order to protect himself.  I felt close to him and now he's masked by shadows once again.  I would be lying if I say that I didn't miss him.  I miss him everyday, but it doesn't hurt all the time.  Remembering makes me smile to myself.  Maybe there is hope.

We must fight through the light and the dark to find the place where depression doesn't rule and we can find contentment.  Bad things will happen, but we can survive. So close.


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