Overall, I've had a good week this week and have some great news to share.  I have always wanted to  teach/train because it's a talent I have and I believe in the power of education.  I will be taking over the training/coaching in my office!

I wrote a survey, a team-building plan and role plays for my office.  Right now, we are not a team,  We are 6 individuals who are doing our own thing.  Our team morale is low and I have devised plans to try to improve it, thus improving our sales.  My boss liked all my ideas and will let me implement them.  It's better than sitting around and doing nothing.  I am being proactive at least and I am proud of myself for doing so.

That is one of the great things about pride.  It is making me do other things like completing list items.  I finally got the last of my campaign letters to friends out today.  I got him to start speaking to me again and he's being really supportive about my training ideas as well as my personal goals of my museum, my non-profit and my next campaign ___ Makes Life Better.  I also have 2 more courses left to finish my original 2 CFT certificates.  I have 12 more list items to complete by February.  I might not get them all completed, but hopefully I will get most of them done.

I am hopeful for the future for the first time in a long time.  I am striving.  I have belief in myself.  That comes from within based on the knowledge that two people think that I can do anything.  They added to my pile of good things.  I know that bad things will still happen and that I will be hurt again, but that does not diminish my hope. I have gotten unstuck with the passing of time.  I have become proactive at work even with some of the conflicts that have arisen. I have gone upwards!


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