Fabulous Birthday

Yesterday was my 28th birthday.  I made it.  I didn't join the 27 club!  That's an accomplishment because this year was really dicey to say the least.  Things really are starting to look up, which is such a relief.

I woke up yesterday to my mom singing Happy Birthday.  My mom can't sing, but it was sweet.  She also gave me a card with a margarita recipe, which was gorgeous.  Then I got all my stuff ready for work where we were going to have our Christmas luncheon.  I am overgenerous and bought gifts for everyone, not just my secret Santa. 

When I got to work, my supervisor gave me a beautiful, warm winter scarf.  I was very happy about it because I love scarves.  It was very sweet of her to get that for me.  Work was a bit busy, but that's OK as it makes the day go by.We got a ton of food from one of our favorite restaurants in the area, so we stuffed ourselves full of Italian food.  I got a surprise birthday cake too.  As for the gifts, I got a bottle of Jack Daniels from my supervisor and a journal with bubble bath from my secret Santa. 

There were a few surprised along the way.  The first was that he e-mailed me to wish me a happy birthday, which means he still cares.  That made me happy because I wanted a sign that he didn't hate me, so I had a birthday wish come true.  I also had the head of HR send me a birthday e-mail, which I found strange as she never e-mails anyone and she never e-mails tellers.  So, I said thank you because I didn't know what else to do.  My supervisor also got a promotion to assistant manager.  It was a brilliant day at work.

I then had my birthday party at my favorite bar because it was trivia night.  I had a lovely steak which was free because I'm on their e-mail club.  The food was fantastic.  We then played trivia where we came in second because one of the rounds was about identifying Simpson's characters.  So we won $25 off our tab.  It was awesome.  I got some great gifts too including a Dalek.  So I got my second birthday wish.

It was a great day overall, which made me happy.  I didn't think that I could feel that much happiness again.  Things are moving forward.  Onwards and upwards.


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