Not Everything Ends

There is a quote that keeps coming across my thoughts on almost a daily basis: "Not everything ends.  Not love.  Not always."  I believe that this statement can be true.  It's true that somethings have to end whether it be a show, a relationship or a company, but there are things that don't end.  Sometimes people fall out of love, but the love doesn't die it just changes forms.

True love doesn't end.  We can move onto something else, but that love remains.  I don't think he ever stopped caring for me, from what I can tell.  I know that I never stopped thinking or caring about him.  I have been taking car of myself and yet I  miss talking to him about the mundane.  That love just turns into a memory, but it's still there.

I'm not the same person I was before, but my feelings have not changed.  Things always change, but not everything ends.  Not love.  Not always.


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