Not Complete

I had a date today with someone from Jdate.  I only joined Jdate because my mother was going to pay for 6 months.  After what I went through this year, I don't really want a boyfriend.  I need time to fix myself and possibly learn to love myself.  Without that, I am not complete and would not be able to care for anyone else.

The date itself was ok.  We went to an aquarium, which I love.  The local one is not my favorite because it only focuses on the area in which we live, but it has sharks.  It also has a shark touch tank.  I spent a few minutes petting the nurse sharks.  They are very docile creatures, who lay in a pile on the ocean floor.  They rarely moved in the few hours I was there.  That was my favorite part of my visit.

We had some lunch and a bit of conversation.  We have basic common interests, but when you start to break those down, it just doesn't seem the same.  I am someone who is on the fringe.  I like one thing in a certain genre a lot, but don't branch out from there.  Like with Doctor Who, you either are in love with it or just don't get it.  I'm like that with many things.

He seems nice and wasn't bad looking, but I feel that he would make a good friend.  I don't know if I can commit to anyone else because I'm not complete.  I'm still trying to figure out who I am.  I'm trying to get comfortable with myself, so it's difficult to talk about myself, when I'm still trying to figure out who I am.

I hope that one day I will want a partner, but for now, I'm looking for a friend.  Maybe another companion, but mostly all I need are friends.

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