Good Things

While I was swimming today, (I'm staying at a hotel and it's an indoor pool.  I'm not that crazy), I figured out a new campaign as well as something that could tie into my forthcoming non profit, Pile of Good Things.  It's going to be a challenge, but something that everyone can participate in and I hope you do.

Let me first explain what Pile of Good Things (PoGT) is.  I came up with this idea as a way to combat stigma, discrimination and ignorance of those who suffer from mental illnesses in the business world because I got all of that from my job.  I believe that if they had understood depression, they would have been wiser and not lost me for 3 months while I recovered from the incident, which they caused.  That incident will be explained at another time.  I believe that education will be the greatest tool to combat stigma, ignorance and discrimination.  It will be available for employers to educate their HR, managers and supervisors on the signs of mental illness and what they can do for their employees.  While another section will be available to employees on what their rights are, how they are protected and some advice on what to do if those rights and protections are violated.

The name came from Doctor Who.  The quote below is from the episode Vincent and the Doctor, which is about Vincent van Gogh, who while brilliant, suffered from severe depression.
I also believe that companies should be adding to their employees' pile of good things.  There is enough bad in the world without your job adding to it.  If there is a bully in your office, they have mental health issues in the form of self-esteem.  That is not an excuse for them and bullying should not be tolerated.  Jobs should be giving people a sense of purpose, self-esteem and all other manner of good things aside from a paycheck.  Sadly, for many people this is not the case.  It's even worse for those that suffer some form on mental illness.  My goal with PoGT is end all of that, so that companies have higher productivity through  understanding while employees with mental illnesses have an equal shot to that pile of good things that a job can offer.

Now for the challenge.  I want to have a campaign in January where we add to someone's pile of good things.  It can be simple like sending a piece of candy to a friend or saying hello to someone who looks down.  It doesn't have to be an extraordinary or extravagant gesture, but it has to add to the good things in someone's life.  I will start in January by just saying the thing I did that day.  I hope you all do the same.


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