Good Things Day 21, 22, 23 and 24

On Tuesday, I sent my friend a sticker and some Doctor Who Figures.  She enjoyed them.  Yay Employee appreciation.

On Wednesday,I worked on taking care of myself. I was having a bad day since it was snowing and getting to work on time seemed impossible. I shoveled my driveway and went to my job. After work, I took a nice long bubble bath. 

Yesterday, I worked on cleaning and looking into where to donate extra products that I have.  I think they are going to end up going to the local food pantry since they hand out more than just food.  I will set up an appointment for sometime next week.

Today, I got a letter from someone that I sent a small token of appreciation to.  I have never met this person face to face, but she's always kind when I e-mail her for information.  I found out she was a whovian because of a quote on my signature line.  I was glad that I could show my appreciation with something that she liked.


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