I Believe in You

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  I have never been a big fan of this day for 2 reasons.  The first is that it's a Saint's day and most saints died horrific deaths, which seemed to be a requirement to become a saint, especially in the middle ages.  The second is that I've never been popular so I never got valentines in school and I've only ever had 1 relationship around this day.  One day to celebrate love is ridiculous.  Love, if it's real, should be celebrated everyday because it is really rare.

It was just an average day yesterday.  I know that a few of my friends sent me some things, but I haven't received them quite yet.  The biggest surprise was the giant box of flowers that arrived on my doorstep. It was a box of 2 dozen multi color roses.  There was white, red, yellow, orange and pink tips.  Roses are my favorite flower as well as being the subject of many of my floral pictures.

The card just said, "I believe in you."  I didn't think it was for any romantic sentiment, so I believe it was from one of my friends.  It turned out to be from my best friend.  I know that they were probably expensive and I appreciate the thought.  I have the card on my station at work.  I'm going to photograph the flowers as soon as they perk up a bit. 

My best friend knows that I don't like Valentine's Day, so she decided to do something extraordinarily kind.  I give gifts to people because I like making people smile at something so unexpected, but I never expect anything in return. The card was perfect.  I don't need romance or sex or love.  I need someone to believe in me, when I forget to.  It's a great confidence boost.

Friends really do make life better.  When your world falls apart, your friends should be there to walk you through it.  I value all my friends.  I miss the ones that left, but I am ready to forgive.  I am here if they should wander back. I may not be the best friend in the world when I'm sick, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate all that my friends do.


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