Miss You

I have the same habits as before
I sit at my computer, chat with people and put on make up
I dress nice, wear heels and smile sometimes
I get out of bed, go to work, eat food
The only difference is that you're not there
Not there for me to talk to.

I talk out loud hoping you can hear
I see things that you would think are funny
And I tell the air.
I worry about you every time there is a car crash
You're not there now though
Is it a bad dream?

You changed me when you walked in
You changed me when you left
I'm not even me anymore, I'm someone else
I was so close to being human
Now I may never be, which might be better
I carry on without you.

I have forgiven your weaknesses
I have forgiven your shortcomings
I have never stopped caring for you
I have never stopped missing you
I move forward yet still look behind
Hoping that I'll see you there.

Even if I never see you again
For a short time you were the best
A friend that I could rely on
Someone who, I believe, still believes in me
I move forwards without you,
But with a gift inspired by you.

I will fight the world
To make it better for you, for me
For the people like us
I will always miss you.


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